Toms work explores a vast variety of subjects, styles and mediums which at first glance may seem chaotic and unrelated but upon further study we see links between everything that’s being produced in this practice. Often exploring the metaphysical in ways that can only deepen mysteries surrounding thoughts and feelings in the work and inhabited world. 

Tom works mostly in oil paint and attempts to push the boundaries of his mediums by painting on different surfaces like glass, paper, sand, rock, canvas and wood. At times swimming in an abstract abyss and attempting to understand his own practice in a self conscious way. Tom playfully and intelligently analyses and at the same time distorts his own world and art practice. 

The mystic, mad scientist or alchemist are ways of describing Tom and his work. Depth, the sublime, romanticism, mysticism and science are subjects he traverses but will probably never fully be able to understand. Nevertheless the beauty and excitement is in the search and will continue this impossible never ending obsessive quest for answers via new modes of experimentation, study, and expression with a critical and inspirational ethos.